Baby Alive Extra Diapers Refill Pack

Item: C4098

Ages: AGES 3+

Changing time is a big part of being a mommy or daddy. . . and extra diapers for your Baby Alive doll are always handy to have! Stock up now for diaper changing fun with the Baby Alive Diaper Refill Pack. This pack includes 32 diapers that fit Baby Alive dolls that drink and wet or eat and ""poop"" (dolls each sold separately). Kids can change their baby dolls into a clean, fresh diaper, like a real mommy or daddy would. For kids ages 3+.

" Includes 32 diapers.

" EXTRA DIAPERS FOR BABY DOLL  Kids can change their baby doll into a fresh, clean diaper with this convenient diaper refill pack (baby doll sold separately).
" INCLUDES 32 DIAPERS  Diapers fit any Baby Alive doll that drinks and wets or poops for lots of diaper changing fun. For kids ages 3+.
" STOCK UP ON DIAPERS  Kids can stock up on Baby Alive doll diapers so they can take their baby doll almost anywhere!
" GO GREEN: Ships in simple brown, recyclable packaging thats easy to open and frustration free.

" Age 3+
" Dolls sold separately.

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